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Traveling schedule

Yeah! April 2018 I will be on the beautiful island of Bali again!

For the whole month of April I will be, once again, on the beautiful island of Bali. I plan to see many great places, meet fantastic people en shoot beautiful 360º Tours.

Here you can find a rough schedule of my future travel plans here. This way it is easier to plan a shoot. Luckely Bali is not that big, so some extra travels to your place can't be hard. So go 360º and book your shoot here!

Future travel plans

Maybe you are not located on Bali, but do want a 360º tour in the future. I know nothing in life is for sure and I'm gonna see what the future will bring me, but these countries are my next potential stops. Maybe we'll see each other there?! Did I miss yours? Let me know :)
  • Thailand
  • Laos
  • Cambodja
  • Vietnam


How long does it take to shoot a virtual tour?

This is hard to say. With for example a small businesses it can be done in 15 minutes. With larger tours for a big resort it can be up to a day. Please get in touch if you want more information.

How much does a virtual tour cost?

It all depends on the size of the tour and your company. Recording one single 360º photo and placing it on Google Streetview starts at €100. On average a medium size company starts at €350 and a large one at €600.

What time of the day shall we shoot?

In my opinion it’s best to shoot early in the day when there are not many customers. For Google Streetview Tours it is custom to blur out all faces anyway. For 360 Tours it is up to you, but remember that most of the time these tours are not about your guests, but about your place.

Should I inform my guests?

I always advise clients to inform your guests in advance of the shooting. This can be via Facebook, email or even better hang some pieces of paper on the property a day before the shooting with the information of when the shooting will take place.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is the listing which appears on Google’s geo-dependent search results. Many customers never make it farther than your Google My Business listing. They call directly from these results instead of visiting the website. In addition, listings which include the Google Streetview Virtual Tour get a slight ranking boost in the search results, which can help them appear before competitor listings do.

Are there any hidden costs

A Google Business View or Google Street View virtual tour is a one-time investment. You pay a one-time fee for taking the photos and uploading & creating the tour to Google Streetview. The virtual tour is hosted by Google, so you do not have any costs.

Where can I see the Google Tour?

The Google Street View tour will be hosted on Google's servers. They are linked to the Google My Business view of your company. They are immediately visible in the Google Search results, Google Streetview and Google Maps.

What is Google Streetview?

Every day millions of searches are done on Google to decide where we are going to eat, drink, shop or stay overnight. With Google Street View Trusted allows you to link a virtual tour to your location, when people find you on Google, they can look directly at you! Even before they have visited your website.

Do you work for Google?

I’m an independent company that is selected and certified by Google to take photos for Google Street View. I am paid by my customers to take 360 degree photos and process them into a Google Street View virtual tour and to link them to the Google company view.


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