Opportunities staring you in the face

Ubud is our second stop on Bali. From beach to jungle. It was good starting in Sanur and staying there for 5 days so we could adapt to the severe difference in humidity between Bali and my home country the Netherlands. We just went from 96% humidity in Sanur to 99% in Ubud. Woeptidoo,...

But the place we stayed was beautiful. Villa Umah TingTing is was called. The name made my daughter smile. She didn’t even believe this name was true. The ride from Sanur to Ubud was less than an hour so that was nice. But the difference in climate was far more extreme. Just as you expect as you go from sea to inland jungle clouds started to appear, but the heat was still there.

The next morning we woke up really early because apparently a jungle rainstorm was hitting Ubud. Because I was awake, I got up and walked myself into the kitchen. Hmmmm, maybe this traditional roof was not really up to this massive amount of rain. It literally rained in our kitchen and there were not enough pots and pans in the villa to catch it falling down. Indoor swimming pool, yeah!

Two scenario’s became clear to me straight away. One: We could stay in this villa and learn to live with this fact. Two: We move to this larger villa across ours, but on the same property.

This villa looked more luxurious, but was also closer to the pool so our daughter could swim and we could have an eye on her. Which means more relax time for mommy and daddy too. End of argument, we were gonna try and move.

Of course I realized that this villa might be more expensive than the one we were staying in, but I really got along with the owners of the property and had the feeling we could bridge this gap in a original 360 way. So when he told me the other villa was available and also more than twice as expensive I had my chance to bridge this gap.

I showed him one of my custom 360 Experiences and asked him if I could make him one of these for his luxurious villa to use for marketing purposes. He only looked at my phone for 10 seconds before he told me it was a deal.

I felt so happy :)

Close Up
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