The 7 Star shoot

It didn’t stop with just one 360º shoot on Bali. The next day he asked me if we wanted to stay longer for free at his place. He asked me to make another custom 360º Experience of a 7-star resort he did the marketing for. WHAT??? I didn’t even know there was something like a 7-stars resort, but apparently when you have your own hospital you get extra points. Anyhow, I asked my girlfriend about the deal and it was clear straight away we were gonna stay a bit longer in Ubud. Free of charge :)

So much for the fun part. What was less fun was the ride there. I do not overestimate that we went there on the scooter and zigzagged through traffic with 90km/h. I kid you not. I was wondering why I was wearing a helmet, since the rest of my cloths consisted of flipflips, shorts and a thin shirt. If we would crash my body would have been spread over 400 meters of asphalt and all that would be left was a head in a helmet. Lucky me this guy seemed to be a pretty good driver.

Once we arrived at Nandini Jungle Spa & Resorts I had an amazing time. They knew we were coming, so everything was taken care of. All the rooms I had to photograph were ready and just cleaned. And then the lunch they served us, it was more then excellent. I did had to get used to some guests looking funny at me with my funny camera, but I was already used to that fact after having this thing in public for the last 9 months.

The fun part is that during my time in Ubud I had no idea that this could grow into something bigger. This time is just a fantastic chance to get some free nice accommodation and do the thing that makes me happy,.. make 360 stuff. Win-win! And if you count in that my daughter, girlfriend, Rodrigo and resort owners were really happy with the end results I count this a win-win-win-win-win :)

But after this adventure I got the feeling that it was enough. It was fun but it always takes up more time then you expected. So when Rodrigo asked me to stay even longer for free and do more 360 Experiences I decided to not do it. Not now, I needed my holiday to be a holiday and not make it look like work to much. Maybe later :)

So we decided to travel on. Next stop, Lovina Beach


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