My first time

Friday, August 5, 2016. The day I had a Virtual Reality experience for the first time and was sold within seconds. My eyes had to get used to it for 5 seconds, but then I was immersed by the experience. It was late at night and I flew between the stars. For the first time in my life is was in Virtual Reality.

Then it came, total immersion in this completely new medium. A new medium that potentially can absorb all the current media and put an extra layer of this fantastic VR sauce over it. Endless possibilities, a medium where you are not tied to a screen, but just like in the reality known to us, all around us.

Dummy proof

And in addition to the degree of immersion, something else immediately occurred to me. The dire low threshold of this world. The cheapest VR glasses where you can put your smartphone in are already for sale for a few euros (Check for yourself). After that, all you have to do is download the Google Cardboard App and you already have your hardware and software ready for one the fun part. So the next day I bought a VR headset on the www, waiting for a few days and started toying around.

I never knew that you can download, assess, delete and / or play so many VR apps in 1 day. Searching is also very easy in the Appstore (I have an iPhone) by starting with the search "Google Cardboard" and just download those free apps. If you come across a nice free App that has an extensive paid version of (usually) € 1 or € 2, then I definitely recommend doing this. You are very likely to get value for your money.

It turns out that app developers almost always include the Google Cardboard logo in their app icon when the game is suitable for VR glasses like the Cardboard. Then I searched for "VR", "VR shooter", "VR games" and before I knew it, I had 80 apps on my iPhone6, phone full, .. you get it.

Give it a try!

From the bottom of my heart I can say that I can recommend everyone to take this step (Buy / install Google Cardboard app and go) for an evening of Virtual Reality fun. It sounds too cliché for words, but your life will never be the same again. You will realize to a greater or lesser extent what awaits us in the coming years. And not only in the field of games and entertainment, but especially also in the social field and in your work. Digital work and learning places. Displays are unnecessary. For example in schools History class will never be boring again. I know I'm going fast. That is why I will slowly put a stop to it for now. More for next time.

In conclusion, I will keep a close eye on this new movement and can not wait until this already fantastic medium develops and improves. Because to be honest, it's already a lot of fun, but it can and should be even better. In my honest opinion I think this stuff is not gonna be indistinguishable from the real world in a generation or 5. So far for my last interesting thought.


For those who have become enthusiastic after reading this blog and want to start immediately, I finish with my personal top 10 free Virtual Reality Apps. Anyway available for Appstore and most also in the Playstore. (Many apps also have a 360 function where you can play without glasses)

Within (360 video content / must see for all VR starters)

Vanguard V (Fly through space and dodge objects)

Bo Rhap VR (360 animation / video: Ode to Queen / Bohemian Rapsody)

InCell VR (Science, but secretly good racing)

InMind 2 (Scientific, but secretly also nice racing)

VR X-Racer (Masterly simple racing game that you suck all the way in)

Street view (Create your own 360 photos with your mobile)

VR Roller roaster (Put your sense of orientation to work)

Final Kick VR (Best fun football game, take penalties, free kicks and be goalkeeper)

Zombie Shooter VR (Headshots, headshots, headshots)

Hasta la proxima fez!

Example 360 video from the Within App


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