Bali, we are here!

Wow, we’re really gonna do this. Me, my girlfriend and daughter of 3 traveling 17 hours south-east on a plane to (what I’ve been told) the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. But let’s not forget about my most precious object I took with me this holiday, besides my family off course,.. my Ricoh Theta S 360 camera.

For the last 1,5 years I’ve been doing nothing else then emerging myself in the world of Virtual Reality, especially 360º photo & -film. To make it even more ‘niche’ I ran into this TinyPlanet photography and decided to do a personal challenge for a year to post a TinyPlant a day for a year on Instagram. Why I did this? Simple, to force myself to emerge with this unique world of spacial freedom. Not that I know what will come out, but to see what surprises me when I will walk this path. 9 months further, I can already tell you I've learned so many thing over the last 9 months, but I think I have to do a separate blog about this chapter. In short, to be continued,....

So besides making ‘just’ TinyPlanets by now I’m also a Google Streetview Trusted Photographer, I make custom 360 Experiences and just ordered a Insta360Pro, so that after this holiday I can take it to the next step. Especially 360 video and 360 broadcasting

Back to Bali, here we are, the three of us. Finally on the holiday we we’re looking foreward to for a long time. They tell me Bali is safe and beautiful. With temples, friendly locals especially for kids, beaches and spicey food (I like). Sanur is the place our journey started.

I didn’t have a lot of goals for this holiday. Just relax, spend as much time with my family and my Theta S as I could and show my daughter a totally different culture then she was used to in the for the first 3 years of her live. That last point apparently was in vain, because as it seems children still have a very broad idea of what is normal. I love that.

But what got my attention straight away was the fact that symmetry on Bali means another thing then symmetry back home. Here in Holland apparently thing are more planned and structured than on Bali. This results in much more chaos in ‘streetlive’ then I was used to. No symmetrical squares, train station or road juntions (that you could survive). Just building after building after building in totally different style and order. Exactly the opposite of what you want as a TinyPlanet photographer. I love symmetry in my TinyPlanets. I need symmetry in my photo’s. As much as is possible. So bummer, what to do...

But then I remembered the lesson I took from my daughter and started to look at my environment with an open and fresh look. And then slowly the opportunities came to me. First off all there were these beautiful temples. Of all the buildings I found on Bali the temples showed to most signs of symmetry. Just one problem, you are not allowed to enter them if you’re not a Hindu. It took some setbacks and effort to finally find some temples where non-hindus could enter. But that was already on the end of this travel. See my post about the Holy Water Temple for more info about this.

In my search for symmetry I found another thing. A-ma-zing woodcraft on small temples and buildings based on the Hindu religion that was just marvelous. It really got my energy level high again when it came to making TinyPlanets this holiday. So besides the fact that these where amazing crafts, for me they symbolize the bridge my 360 camera made for me between Bali & the Netherlands. Some examples of my TinyPlanet work with these works you can find here and here.

Let me end this post with saying that Sanur was an awesome place to start our Bali adventure. Close to the beach, close to the airport and not to crowded. That last fact was caused by the vulcano Mount Agung that was ready to explode when we were there. But I’ll come back to that as well :)

It's time to wrap up this post. See you soon!

Intill next time, always have your 360 camera on you and live life to the fullest!


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