How to shoot 360º in a holy Temple

| 14.10.17 | Pura Tirta Empul

Armed with our new sarong’s (must-have to enter any temple) we went on another day-trip on Bali. This time to the Holy Water Temple or the Tirta Empul Temple. Finally some beautiful symmetrical temple structures to visit from within :) Because of our last failed attempt of getting into...

Opportunities staring you in the face

| 03.10.17 | Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud is our second stop on Bali. From beach to jungle. It was good starting in Sanur and staying there for 5 days so we could adapt to the severe difference in humidity between Bali and my home country the Netherlands. We just went from 96% humidity in Sanur to 99% in Ubud. Woeptidoo,... But the...

How not to shoot 360º in a holy temple

| 12.10.17 | Tanah Lot Temple

When you go to Bali everybody tells you about the beautiful temples you are gonna see there. Let's start with saying, those people are right. Beautiful temples everywhere. Before they build a house, they first build a temple. Besides that every village has at least 3 temples for their main gods...

Bali, we are here!

| 26.09.17 | Sanur, Bali, Indonesie

Wow, we’re really gonna do this. Me, my girlfriend and daughter of 3 traveling 17 hours south-east on a plane to (what I’ve been told) the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. But let’s not forget about my most precious object I took with me this holiday, besides my family off...

The 7 Star shoot

| 04.10.17 | Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

It didn’t stop with just one 360º shoot on Bali. The next day he asked me if we wanted to stay longer for free at his place. He asked me to make another custom 360º Experience of a 7-star resort he did the marketing for. WHAT??? I didn’t even know there was something like a...


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